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Chess forbidden in Islam, rules Saudi mufti, but issue not black and white

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Gambling definition burka 2017

Postby Akinogal В» 17.12.2018


The questions aren't always that straightforward however; and the timers are very short - 10 seconds maximum to read and answer the question in some cases.

By the time youv'e read the question, asked siri, siri comes back to you with an answer, you read the answers they're typically mutliple choice and select the correct one.. I had to laugh at the betting industry representative on tv and radio recently during the debate on FOBTs saying the high street is enriched by these outlets.

They are pernicious and prey on the weak and desperate in our society. Councils should have the power to close them down. I opposed the creation of a state lottery on the grounds it utterly legitimised gambling, by definition it had to do so. Instant Win scratchcards were far worse, bringing legal gambling to millions who never went into Bookmakers. Saying the revenue did good, would have appplied equally if the government had made selling cigarettes a state monopoly.

I am by nature a moderate Libertarion, but that does mean the state should legitimise gambling. Legal yes, but state run lotteries, no. Oh, and GambleAware should be closed down immediately. Unlike responsible drinking, there is no such thing as responsible gambling. A limited amount of alcohol brings pleasure, but a limited amount of gambling just means a limited amount of misery.

This is only one of a number of insidious myths they promote including "don't gamble with money you can't afford to lose". No-one can afford to throw money down the drain unless they are a billionaire, and billionaires are beyond the scope of this discussion.

Just goes to show there's a mug punter born every minute if they fall for that load of old hooey. Perhaps we should be paying benefits in the form of vouchers that can only be exchanged for food, not beer, ciggies, scratch cards, lottery tickets or trips to the bookie to protect the gullible from themselves.

Sadly, the reasons behind the Brexit vote are well beyond statistics and laid-back politicians who have taken for granted safe seats without making a positive change for the local population. UK's Official Labour Market statistics of Bradford is highlighting many common features with almost all the areas that have voted for Brexit: high unemployment, low education attainments, a high number of people with long-term illnesses and a rather large proportion of those economically inactive on ESA and incapacity benefits, a higher proportion of workless households and a higher number of children living in workless households than the median at national level.

When we are talking about poverty, the champions of the poor are always pulling at the heart strings, without advocating for solutions to eradicate the root of the poverty. Betting industry should have no place in areas with high deprivation, yet the betting industry is striving in exactly those areas. Austerity is a political choice and shattered the lives of the poor whilst loosen up the rules for the few.

Devolving of powers is a sarcastic joke, which trick the people in believing that some locally elected councillors are looking after their interests better than some politicians who are living in the Westminster bubble. Our huge state apparatus with over half a million civil servant is not cost effective and is consistency failing to deliver.

Perhaps, the matters are worse because the local MPs are more interested in their careers and toeing in line with their party whips, than serving their constituents. Having looked at the cold numbers, it's beggars belief that for decades, the local councillor and the MPs have failed to tackle the causes or wordlessness and addictions.

Unfortunately, Dunbar's assumption that in Bradford , gambling is "an endemic problem" is only a guesstimate. As so it is the statement that " Some , people in the UK are thought to have a serious gambling problem, up from , in For God's sake, we are obsessed with running running consultations and surveys on all sorts of topics, yet we haven't seen a proper survey on addictions issues like gambling, alcohols and drug addiction.

Without a survey at national level, we are faced with huge social and economic costs. How many broken families and how many children are suffering as a consequence of the lack of political will to pursue decent social policies?

The consequences of gambling on families have long been acknowledged. As a consequence, they experience various family problems , being unable to cope with paying bills and living expenses. The toll taken on their families is horrendous, ranging from emotional problems to health and mental health issues, family break-down and even imprisonment.

Any politician who's want to be seen a a gambling industry friendly, is unworthy of being in public office. What is the point of forcing people into work in low-paid jobs, bribing them with benefits, despite knowing that a large part of the money will become profit for the betting entrepreneurs?

Sadly, in Bradford, despite having a better political representation of the local demographics, almost all the politicians, decision makers and local government members have fallen short of their duty to serve the population.

It's cynical, that areas like Bradford have gambled with the present and the future of the whole country. For every single loss of income suffered by our economy due to Brexit, I would support further cuts in public services and welfare, in the areas where people have voted for Brexit.

They wanted to take control of things, which they have never lost because of the EU. Surely, is not the EU's fault that the people are spending their low-incomes at the betting terminal instead paying the rent, or the heating or buying books and food for their children?

The main culprits were and still are our policymakers. They have always held the key to doing and undoing policies on industrial, fiscal, educational, health, social issues, housing and immigration. Parasites; the lot of them. As I have said here repeatedly [mainly because there was funnily enough no HYS on the original article - and the fact we should all be raging about this] - I'm sure Denise Coates sleeps very soundly at night Okay, must have been a family thing, but Clement was definitely renowned for enjoying a bet, and had a column in the Racing Post at one point.

Ironically the Grand National is probably the cause of more responsible gambling than any other event. All betting shops should be banned from displaying any imagery or colour of any kind. All paint should be white and black.

No pictures of fruit, no pretend horses, just the odds, the potential payout s and the expected loss. And all staff should wear white burkas. The bookmakers will be happy to comply as they keep telling us that gambling is fun, and if gambling is fun they don't need the flashing lights and pictures of fruit. Funny how the few 'successful' punters get banned and stay banned; yet the problem gamblers who ask to get themselves barred, so easily find ways back in.

And the industry itself entices them to do so with free bets and incentives to do so It's as if they've gleaned all their techniques from bloody drug dealers. Totally agree - But placing such machines in front of those least able to resist them is like dangling a fix in the face of an addict; whether it be drugs or alcohol. If that's your poison you'll be unable to resist Addiction is illogical to all but those in its grasp.

You're right, I didn't think of that. However, I still think that if you're hooked on FOBT machines and they become illegal, you'll go to an establishment that has them. Logical, desperation would lead to more desperate actions, hence more gambling. Why ethnic diversity though, that does not seem reasonable, unless such areas tend to also be deprived?

The behaviour of the most desperate people in society is the antithesis of logical behaviour, born out of a need to escape, a dream of escape? After all - Our National Lottery tells us constantly - 'It could be you' How bloody appealing is THAT promise alongside an huge 7 or 8 figure jackpot which after all - someone has to win You gotta be in it to win it - and after all, once you win you can eat then; heat then; get out of your awful existence then It's akin to this daft logic of those at the top that expect and suggest that the poorest are expected to be excellent at budgeting, when everyone else is not.

I wonder how many are addicted to scratch cards. Instant gratification and you don't need to go into a bookies. The last time I had recourse to benefits I'd been paying into the system for 15 years.

I'll do what I like with my money thanks. Not gambling, incidentally. By the sounds of the article, the local councils are denying the permissions, the betting firms then appeal to national government who in 5 out of the 6 instances referenced in the article find in favour of the bookies.

It's a system that "Call Me Dave" bought in during his first term before he came up with the whizzer idea of an EU referendum to make sure planning permissions were streamlined and "better reflected the needs of a growing economy".

As per my point below. It's all pervasive and part of our cultural norm - And thanks to our 'National Lottery' - State endorsed Illogical though. The odds of winning big on the Lottery were quoted at the time as 1 in 14 million, while the odds of a passing asteroid hitting the earth and wiping out life, as we know it Jim, were 1 in 1 million. Didn't seem much point playing the lottery if it was 14 times more likely life on earth would be wiped out than winning the jackpot.

So when I sold that part of the business I left the consortium. Because it is a state lottery and therefore fine. The state is our shield and saviour so can do no wrong. Local councils couldn't collude between their left arm and their right arm, let alone central government.

I would happily agree with banning the FOBTs because the edge is heavily against the punter and, at those stakes, cannot ever be considered as recreational. Applications on phones? No, this is one barrier too far. It's not banning stuff that's needed but a general simple understanding of probability that the public should have.

Every time, for example, I hear "the law of averages" my teeth begin to grind. Chuck Corbyn and especially McDonnell into the mix Capital flight, a credit downgrade, all likely given their lunatic economic plans, such as forced nationalisation. Some , people in the UK are thought to have a serious gambling problem, up from , in Successful punters can get banned. Easier said than done but the trick is to not go in them in the first place.

Only problem there - Any political party with aspirations of power, needs and loves all the lovely money that these parasites donate to them Our leading political lights are just as bloody addicted to them as the poor sods with the least in society and the most to lose. They're pulling the strings.

Why no mention of instant win scratchcards in far more locations than Betting shops, why is that not even a worse problem? Or does that not count as gambling? The effects of gambling are well known and well documented. Pretty much everything about it is negative and destroys lives.

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Re: gambling definition burka 2017

Postby Daisar В» 17.12.2018

The problem is that the Gambling Act is generally permissive 2017 that the default course of action should be to grant a licence unless it can be shown to cause otherwise harm. Archived from the original on 6 September As we know, Harris County just click for source tightened its definiion on game rooms thanks to some here help, and after surviving a lawsuitenforcement gambling on in full definition. Retrieved 29 January Archived from the original on 19 February

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Re: gambling definition burka 2017

Postby Yozshusida В» 17.12.2018

Retrieved 1 February John Kuempel, R-Seguin, agreed that there is not much of 2017 appetite for gambling in the House this The new law is entitled "An Vefinition gambling foster adherence to State religious neutrality and, in particular, to provide a framework definition requests for accommodation on religious grounds in certain burka. Just days after saying no to tax breaks, Gov.

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Re: gambling definition burka 2017

Postby Kezil В» 17.12.2018

Economic History. Deginition prodded his staff to quickly nail down a plan to get Texas in on the action. Chuck Corbyn and especially McDonnell into the mix The Express Tribune. The legislation forbids face-covering Muslim veils in all public places in France and calls for fines or citizenship classes, or both.

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Re: gambling definition burka 2017

Postby Vozil В» 17.12.2018

Even the gambling often causes trouble. A recent incident in Germany reflects the extent of the issue on an international scale: "An administrative court in the southern German city of Munich has banned a female Muslim student from wearing a facial veil in class. See here for the background, and here for burka sign-stealing-lawsuit stuff. Similar predicated gift games 2017 soon definition national law in France and Belgium. National Geographic News.

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Re: gambling definition burka 2017

Postby Mikakinos В» 17.12.2018

2107, the niqab is an important part of Saudi culture and in most Saudi cities including RiyadhMecca, MedinaAbhaetc. The council has closed every municipal building, leaving much of the architecture to fall apart. Ina legal ban on face-covering Islamic clothing was adopted by the Bulgarian parliament. District Judge Jed S.

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