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Mini Countryman Sports review – A Mini with Maxi Applications

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Postby Gardashura В» 01.03.2019


Behold the Mega Mini. That said, the original felt sloppy and uncultured at times, its reflexes and ride hampered by its heft. To improve the second-generation version, Mini started with a clean state. Did this fresh start make a difference? The Countryman is an all-new model, and when Mini says all-new, it means it. Compared to the first Countryman, the only carryover is the stylized wheel cap, meaning the platform, engine, transmission, and interior materials are all fresh.

The car has grown in size because of this. The edition measures 8. Think of it like the tallest kid in first grade. Cooper and Cooper S refer to the engine choices — a 1.

Small car, big name. No matter which model you choose, many of the puffed-up styling elements from the original Countryman are present, including beefy body cladding, modest ground clearance, and a decidedly expressive front fascia. Every model comes equipped with a lovely panoramic sunroof, leatherette upholstery, a 6. The infotainment system in the new Countryman is fantastic a welcome trickle down from BMW Group , and when viewed through the upgraded 8.

In fact, it actually feels pretty similar to the systems in newer BMW products , which is quite the compliment given the price differential.

Remember the center-mounted speedometer in older Minis? That little throwback or eyesore, depending on your point of view is gone now, with a circular touchscreen taking its place. The navigation is a high point here, as local buildings and landmarks are rendered in 3D.

There is no Android Auto support at this time. Even then, though, the cabin is much more spacious than the exterior dimensions would lead you believe, and the car can seat five adults relatively comfortably. Those around six feet tall will likely find their knees squished a little in the backseat, but with Cargo room with the rear seats up is a respectable There are a couple cheap plastics here and there, but overall, you can clearly see the BMW lineage in the way it comes together.

Has it outgrown its dynamic character to appease crossover buyers? No it has not, and yes it is quite lively behind the wheel.

Mini found a great balance between practicality and excitement with the Countryman, because it still feels tossable even with a 3,lb curb weight. With lb-ft available at just 1, rpm, the Cooper S packs plenty of grunt for passing and low-speed cornering, and the six-speed manual feels tight, linear, and easy to master. Specifically, we appreciated the automatic rev-matching on downshifts, which were accompanied by a nice little burble from the exhaust.

The handling remains sharp and reflexive as a whole, but in the base Cooper, the 1. The ALL4 system, however, is very capable regardless of engine. In addition, the Countryman bundles active and passive safety features such as adaptive cruise control, stability control, and a head-up display that puts important vehicle info directly in your line of sight.

Active safety features are only available on fully-loaded models though, and overall, the price of options does add up quickly, so keep that in mind when pricing it out. The majority of the shiny stuff on the Countryman comes standard, thanksfully. A slick head-up display and Apple CarPlay are included too! As for paint, how are you not going to choose British Racing Green? You can also get decals for the side mirrors, door handles, door sills, and even the valve stem caps if you feel like throwing subtlety out the window.

The Mini Countryman may be a bit of a contradiction, but only in name. Hopefully the brand cuts off the growth spurt at some point — a Mini tipping the scales at 4, lbs would just be silly — but this type of development is inevitable and widespread across the industry.

Bigger cars with more utility are always going to be chunkier around the waistline, but as technology improves, carmakers will be better equipped to make larger vehicles drive like smaller ones. Case in point here.

Competition in the subcompact SUV space is stiff. Both cars ride on the same front-wheel drive platform, and thus they share many similarities. BMW gets the win in luxury and ride quality, so while both cars sprout from the same seed, they exhibit very different personalities. News and World Report , which gleans its info from J.

In terms of manufacturer coverage, Mini offers a four-year, 50,mile limited warranty, which covers the car from bumper to bumper excluding the tires. Complimentary scheduled maintenance for three years or 36, miles comes standard with every new Mini, and for more peace of mind, the brand offers an Extended Motorer Protection program that picks off where the factory warranty leaves off.

The extra practicality is just a bonus. Imagine a go-kart that grew up, moved away from home, and now works at a fancy job with a fancy suit. Maybe it has a few go-kart kids or a cute go-kart dog.

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Re: buy a game countryman review

Postby Nebar В» 01.03.2019

All power from the petrol engine is sent to the front wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox. Who is the Countryman Sports for? See more. The extra practicality is just a bonus.

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Re: buy a game countryman review

Postby Samukasa В» 01.03.2019

And to top it off, the Countryman is not exactly a genuinely fun car to drive, if that's going to matter to potential buyers. News and World Reportwhich gleans its info source J. How does Amazon calculate star ratings?

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