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Gambling anime


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Gambling anime ouch face

Postby Dourr В» 30.09.2019


Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Asians love to gamble. Over the years, there have been many animes and mangas centered around gambling and a majority of them show gambling as this source of evil where the darkest parts of humanity shine through and are put on display for everyone to see. Nitsuj : Right you are Seras. MAPPA, after Terror in Resonance went on a roll as the studio would go on to release animes that gained popularity each year.

In , the studio really hit their stride when they released 6 animes that year and their most popular anime that year was Kakegurui. Seras : Kakegurui also known as Compulsive Gambler is an anime based off a manga under the same name written by Homura Kawamoto in and still continuing to this day. Unlike most gambling animes which focus on adults in the adult world, this series took place in a high school setting and focused on students who are all slightly crazy.

Seras : Pretty much. While not the best series about gambling, the series was entertaining with its characters, games, and crazy facial expressions that are just memes in the making.

Nitsuj : With the second season set to come out next month and seeing as how we both became big fans of the series, now seem liked the perfect time to review it. The whole opening is jazz rock and is the pure definition of controlled chaos which matches up perfectly with this show about gambling and the chaos that ensues with it.

Also, if you have a leg fetish this opening is for you. So along with a good song we also get some good fanservice too. Nitsuj : Of course you would. Yumeko gets approached by Mary another student in her class who invites her to play voting rock, paper, scissors. A game similar to rock, paper, scissors except the class creates the cards for you, you pick out three randomly from a box, and play with them Nitsuj: Oh hey that sounds like fun.

The key to victory is getting everyone on your side and effecting the cards. Nitsuj : Not anymore. Seras : Hardcore crazy and I love it and taking big risk to see if it all pays off. Not out of pity but because he gave her an enjoyable experience this girl is making the Jacks look normal. Bark for me and us learning a little bit more about how one becomes a school pet. Basically, the student council collects a tax from the students. Or loans. Since Mary lost all her money to Yumeko last episode and the tax deadline came up, Mary became a school pet through bad luck and the payback against her will be sweet.

Nitsuj : Make them fear the position to make them work harder. Play by fear. Yumeko gets approached by a 1 st year student named Itsuki who is a representative of the student council and challenges Yumeko to a game called double card memory Nitsuj: Never heard of it.

Similar to a game of matching cards only with two decks, however, the cards have to be of the same suite in order to get a point for example, if I draw the ace of diamond I have to match it with the other ace of diamond instead of the ace of hearts. The winner is decided when they get one set of cards and the bet is 20 million yen Nitsuj: Why does watching this anime make me feel so poor? Seras : Why do I get the feeling all the students in this school are crazy to some extent?

I may not be big on gambling but I know a cheat when I see one. Not that it matters, as Yumeko saw through her trick in the first game and annihilates her in the second game. Nitsuj : Satisfied now Seras? Seras : You really think the tears of a child will bring me join? Episode 3 starts off where episode 2 left off. We see Mary lose her official match. How does one play?

Seras : Dodge or die. The game is like a combination of the dice and cup game a popular game in Japan with roulette. In the next round Yumeko bets everything on one number and reveals that Yuriko is cheating. Seras : Simple, the dealer. The dealer has magnetic piercings in her hands and one of the swords is magnetic so the dealer can influence the blade from the outside and drop it anywhere she wants like say on a number that guarantees a victory for the challenger.

After revealing all of this Yuriko is freaking out because if Yumeko wins Yuriko will owe her over 2 billion yen which would mean closing down the club and forcing all the members into school pet roles along with her. Just before she can try to talk her way out of this the student council president, Kirari, comes in and says to keep the bet going where Yuriko wins by luck mind you. Nitsuj : Or was it? The next day at school Yumeko becomes a school pet and everyone turns on her.

After this, the student council rounds up all the students in huge debt for a big event to get them out of debt. In this game the students will form a team of 4 and gamble. Depending on how you perform will change your debt entirely.

In the end, the person with the lowest debt will have their debt forgiven and paid off entirely. The goal of the game is to match your cards within 10 turns or at least get the cards to be the same suite and each round you have to pay a participation fee of 10 million yen. Kiwatari wins the first game but Yumeko manages to win the third one. Nitsuj : In episode 5, Yumeko and Mary own Kiwatari. It gets revealed that everyone is cheating in some way or form.

Nanami is also a school pet who was constantly tortured by Kiwatari and forced to become his servant. Despite knowing that everyone is cheating, the student council representative allows the game to continue where Kiwatari keeps losing and even Nanami stands up to her oppressor and fights back yeah, I know I missing out a lot of stuff but there is just way too many numbers to explain. Midari finds Yumeko and Suzui, arrests them both, and takes them to her underground facility which looks like something out of the Saw movies.

Midari challenges Yumeko to a gamble called ESP game oh boy, another complicated game on the way. Suzui gets taken to another room while Yumeko and Midari load their guns with however many bullets they want and toss them down a chute.

That girl is turned on. Midari then talks about her backstory where she says that her whole life she felt out of place in the world. Even when she went to the school she felt out of place and found gambling boring. Her life changed forever when she racked up a debt of million yen. Since she had no way to pay it back and Kirari not finding her suitable for the life plan program Seras: Because nobody wants to sleep knowing that woman is next to you comes up with an alternative for Midari to pay back her debt.

It was at that moment that Midari came to think that the thrill of gambling was pain and not knowing whether or not you would live to play another game Seras: And apparently getting off on the gamble as well. We return to the present where Midari thinks she and Yumeko are the same not by a long shot. They do the second round where this time Suzui and Yumeko are on the same wavelength and Yumeko wins the second round Crazy bitch.

Nitsuj : From the mouth of the kettle ladies and gentlemen but Yumeko gets her gun which holds no rounds. They move on to the final round where Midari plays her final cheat, returning the monitors to normal. Throughout the game both Yumeko and Suzui have been seeing mirrored monitors throwing each other off.

They always get the orgasm but the women never do. In the final round both ladies load two bullets into their guns, but this would turn out to be pointless because they both miss all of their matches on purpose.

Midari missed because she wanted to get shoot and Yumeko missed just to mess with Midari. While that was all going on the student council president tries to get Mary to join the student council but she refuses because the president is crazy and messed up yes, that seems to be the running gag in this series.

Everyone is crazy. In fact, I think the only sane person is Suzui. Seras : In episode 8 Kirari leaves the academy for a few days sometimes you just got to get away from the craziness and deal with your own insanity. What did you expect? Equivalent exchange baby. Play your house of cards right and bet on the one you think will win. Seras : And who you fear the most are there in the crowd to watch the gamble which is a battle of the idols.

Episode 9 starts off with the rules of the game Yumeko and Yumemite will be playing. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when they move on to one game where they have to guess the birthday of someone in the audience. Seras : Or they could just be straight up masochists. Nitsuj : Yeah, I can see that. Yumemite than exposes that the person who set up everything for this gamble was Manyuda the accountant of the student council and a man who strives to become president.

Manyuda denies these claims saying they have no evidence so Yumeko challenges him to a gamble which he refuses. With no other options, she challenges him to a public match. The game they play is a personal favorite of mine, Choice Poker. While the rules seem simple and fair in truth Yumeko is a disadvantage.

Nitsuj : Big risks means big rewards. Itsuki rises up to challenge and gives chips to Yumeko so she can keep gambling. So in episode 11 Manyuda and Itsuki keep raising the stakes and betting like crazy all while Yumeko gets off on this no doubt.

Manyuda chooses strong and shows his hand which is 3 of a kind with 8s and Yumeko which is also 3 of a kind only with Jacks which means Yumeko wins the bet. This whole time she and Itsuki were playing him, making him believe they wanted to go for a weaker hand but in truth they wanted the strong hand this whole time Seras: They made him look like a damn fool.

His face is priceless. Oh when are they gonna stop this game of cat and mouse and do it with each other?

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Re: gambling anime ouch face

Postby Togore В» 30.09.2019

A large part of Chapter 1 of Deltarune revolves around the King, his son Gambling, and his troops, all themed after playing card suits: Rudinn and Rudinn Rangers dropped diamonds, Hathy and Head Hathy video hearts, the three-headed Clover is clubs, and the King and Lancer are spades. Or loans. Source does one play? Seras : And who you fear source most are there in the crowd to watch the gamble which is a battle of the idols. Aside from the 2 new recruits, the youtube online games sane of Near Zero are named after the Japanese pronunciations of "trumps" or playing cards.

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Re: gambling anime ouch face

Postby Maugore В» 30.09.2019

For example, the fact that he can use all 6 element and can use all null magic he can think of. Over the years, dropped have been many animes and mangas centered around gambling and free fun online games majority of them show gambling as this source of evil where the darkest parts of humanity shine through and are put on display for everyone video see. This whole time she and Itsuki were playing him, making him believe they wanted to gambling for a weaker hand but in truth they wanted the strong hand this whole time Seras: They made him look like a damn fool.

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Re: gambling anime ouch face

Postby Dougis В» 30.09.2019

Ouch troll quadrants of romance use the four suits as their symbols. In Luigi's Mansionthe gamblig obtained from beating major bosses have playing card suit motifs. The team's Sixth RangerBig One, is basically the Joker in this analogy even if he's not as blatant about it as the others. Manyuda chooses strong and shows his hand which is 3 of a kind with 8s gambling Yumeko which is face 3 of a kind only with Jacks which read more Yumeko wins the bet. Jack of all anime trades to get those diamonds.

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