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Gambling card game crossword

The Evening Standard's Easy Crossword

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Gambling card game crossword perspire

Postby Kazrasar В» 28.11.2019


The crossword puzzles that solvers dig into every day are a combination of sweat, creativity and a knowledge of the basic rules of constructing, which is what making a puzzle is called. Follow along as pairs of published New York Times constructors pass the creation of a crossword puzzle from hand to hand, taking us through the process of developing a theme, designing a workable grid, filling the entire grid and writing the clues.

There are many ways to make a puzzle, of course, but this series will highlight the basics. If the theme includes a particular kind of pun, for example, then all the puns should be of that kind. Themes and theme entries should be accessible to everyone. The heart of most daily crossword puzzles. A great place to begin and the topic that aspiring constructors must master first. In a themed puzzle, the theme anchors the grid. Any words or phrases on your mind today that we can start with?

He also put the letter count in parentheses. TAUSIG: Whatever the lengths, they have to be paired to meet another rule of crossword constructing: most themed grids are diagonally symmetrical for aesthetic reasons. A theme entry set with two 13 s and one 15 would still have symmetry if the 15 ran in the middle row.

Themes have to be consistent. To make a consistent theme from this, we would need to find at least three phrases with the name of a game company in them. Unfortunately, after a quick consultation of the Wikipedia list of game manufacturers , I see that we might be out of luck. Ben made a great point. Alas, though, the other entries were going to be weaker.

Now we have a phrase unrelated to toys, and yet it contains toy or game words. After all, there are a few promising toy words, but not a lot. More important, it feels one-dimensional to link phrases that contain toys with no further joke. Sadly, I suggest that we move on. But we should not be sad about this failure!

Do you know why? For every great idea, there are usually a bunch that get tossed out. What are some puzzle phrases? I can imagine lots of other entries that pair a noun in the first word with a synonym for SONG in the second word. VIGELAND: This is the same principle we had earlier when we were going down the game manufacturer or toys route, but we have a reason for moving this theme forward: punny clues.

TAUSIG: The key to humor in a punny crossword entry is the distance between the original sense of the phrase and the meaning of the phrase as you clue it. Back to our theme! Still, the entry is goofy in all the right ways. There are even more complex searches you can do once you get the hang of it.

This set is good! First, all of our entries are paired in length, so they can be placed symmetrically. Additionally, the song synonyms are consistently in the second position of two-word phrases. Because all the entries have the same structure, solvers can predict their patterns.

And best of all, they make me laugh. Tausig and Mr. Vigeland constructed and build a grid around it. Ben Tausig is editor of the American Values Club Xword , a weekly indie puzzle that's totally your style. Ben is a professor of music when not editing or constructing. Follow him on Twitter at datagenera l. Finn Vigeland is a graduate student in urban planning who lives in Somerville, Mass. Follow him on Twitter at fvigeland. Deb Amlen contributed reporting.

She never wanders too far from NYTimesWordplay. Top illustration by Elena Xausa. Failure seems bad! Take it away, grid developers!

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Re: gambling card game crossword perspire

Postby Mikanris В» 28.11.2019

Game involving folding 5. Evening Standard - Quick February 16 Mirror - Classic September 23

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Re: gambling card game crossword perspire

Postby Fenrijora В» 28.11.2019

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Re: gambling card game crossword perspire

Postby Kisho В» 28.11.2019

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Re: gambling card game crossword perspire

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Re: gambling card game crossword perspire

Postby Tugal В» 28.11.2019

Mirror - Classic October 19 Because all the entries have the same structure, solvers can predict their patterns. Madero rojizo hincado en tierra para consolidar los cimientos. Mirror - More info April 27

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